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Ford’s Windsor Plant To Keep Producing Internal Combustion Engines For Years To Come

Although Ford is diving into the electric vehicle market, the company will continue to need internal combustion production to continue until at least 2040, according to a Canadian union official.

John D’Agnolo, the president of Unifor Local 200, which represents the workers at Ford’s Windsor, Ontario, Canada engine plant told the Windsor Star after meeting with Ford officially last week that the company still has long term plans for the engine production location.

“They’re still a long way from getting out of the combustion side when it comes to the trucks,” D’Agnolo told the paper. “They don’t see until 2040 before they get out of the combustion side of it.”

Ford’s 7.3-liter V8

More specifically, D’Agnolo said that Ford’s plans for Windsor are steady for the next three years, meaning that the supply of 5.0-liter, 7.3-liter, and the soon-to-be-launched 6.8-liter V8s will stay strong in the near future.

“Right now, those truck engines are [Ford’s] bread and butter and they’re not going to be making any changes whatsoever when it comes to that,” said D’Agnolo. “That’s where they make their profits to invest into the battery electric vehicle side.”

The union official, though, did say that the transition to electric vehicles is likely to come more quickly than anticipated as technology evolves. As a result, the union continues to lobby Ford to prepare other products for it once the changeover happens.

D’Agnolo says that Ford has told him that when its Oakville, Ontario plant becomes a fully electric production facility, it’s likely that the company will need more battery plants in the province to supply those vehicles. Both it and the union are aware of the Canadian government’s eagerness to incentivize manufacturers to produce EVs there.

Canada has said that it will ban the sale of internal combustion engines by 2035, though heavy-duty trucks will be exempt from that ban, which along with the U.S. market will allow the Windsor plant to continue building V8s for the foreseeable future.

1956 Windsor Assembly Plant assembly line
Ford’s Windsor Plant in 1956


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