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Ferrari 812 Superfast Crashes While Racing Seat Leon Cupra That Bursts Into Flames

Drive a really fast car, and sooner or later you’re going to get hassled by someone in a much slower one looking for a race. And one Ferrari 812 driver in Israel learned the hard way that it’s a dumb idea to rise to the bait.

Dashcam footage taken on Israel’s Route 6 highway shows the Ferrari undertaking numerous cars, including the camera car, at extremely high speed, with what appears to be a Seat Leon Cupra in hot pursuit.

Both cars pass on the right of one truck in the middle lane, before veering into that lane to pass a second truck located in the slow lane. From there it’s difficult to see exactly what happens, but there’s suddenly a huge fireball a couple of cars ahead, and we then pass the remains of the Cupra broadside across the road and missing its front end, before coming across the Ferrari minus its rear bumper, parked up on the shoulder some way down the road.

The Ferrari appears to have suffered less harm, but the look of despair on the driver’s face as the camera car passes shows us that he knows it probably costs less to buy an entirely new Cupra than fix the Ferrari. We can see that the side airbags have deployed and images on Israeli news websites reveals bodywork damage front and rear, plus distortion to the left-side tailpipes.

But shocking pictures of the three-door Cupra (click here) reveal that its entire powertrain was ripped out in the crash, though remarkably the passenger compartment remained intact. In a comment on YouTube the driver of the camera car claims both cars collided with the truck, after which the Cupra hit the back of the Ferrari before spinning into the wall. Israeli news stories claim that three people were lightly injured in the accident and all refused to identify themselves to medics who attended the scene, opting to take themselves to hospital independently.

The now discontinued three-door Seat Leon Cupra is no slouch, the quickest versions toting 306 hp (310 PS) from their 2.0-liter turbocharged fours, and capable of zero to 62 mph in under 6 seconds. But the Ferrari driver obviously wanted to prove that his 789 hp (800 PS) V12 Superfast could do the job in half the time. We bet he wishes he hadn’t bothered.


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