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EV Successor Of The Mercedes-Benz A-Class To Move Upmarket

Mercedes-Benz is ready to unveil the facelifted A-Class range as evidenced by our spy shots. However, the German automaker is already working on the next and fully electric generation of the compact hatchback that’s set to become the smallest member of the EQ range.

Mercedes recently announced it will reduce its range of compact models from seven bodystyles to four, renaming it “Entry Luxury”. According to the latest reports, the five-door hatchback is expected to carry on into the new era, taking the role of a low-slung alternative to the EQA compact SUV.

The new generation of compact models from Mercedes will ride on the new MMA architecture which will bring significant advancements in terms of technology and performance. While the MMA will still be compatible with ICE, it will be “electric-first” as described by Mercedes’ CEO Ola Kallenius. Thus, packaging will be improved compared to the current EQA and EQB electric SUVs which are using an electrified version of the ICE-centered MFA2 platform.

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As reported by Autocar, the smaller footprint of the electric hatchback compared to larger MMA-based models means it will be fitted with a smaller-sized battery. However, a significantly increased power density, in combination with advanced aerodynamics and lightweight components, will allow a competitive range for the smallest Mercedes offering. The automaker has confirmed that technology exhibited in the Vision EQXX concept will find its way into production models and the A-Class successor is a candidate for that, alongside the upcoming electric variant of the C-Class.

In terms of design, the A-Class / EQA hatchback will likely inherit a lower-slung body, made possible by the slim floor-mounted battery pack, without sacrificing cabin space. The EV will probably be exclusively offered with a five-door hatchback bodystyle, since the four-door A-Class sedan and CLA are rumored to merge into a single model.

Mercedes has pledged to make its compact cars more luxurious and tech-rich. In this context, the hatchback will inherit the new Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS) coming with larger screens and more connectivity features. We also expect more premium materials inside the cabin, and an array of sophisticated ADAS that could offer up to Level 3 autonomy.

Mercedes EQXX 26
The digital dashboard of the Vision EQXX concept is a sign of things to come for future production models from Mercedes

At the moment, premium automakers like Audi and BMW are not offering EV hatchbacks, limiting rivals to more mainstream offerings like the VW ID.3, Cupra Born, and the upcoming Peugeot e-308 and Opel Astra-e duo from Stellantis. Another future rival will be the Lancia Delta EV which has been confirmed for 2028.

The electric successor to the A-Class is expected to arrive by 2025, when Mercedes wants to offer an EV in every segment. The automaker decided to drop the A-Class from the US and Canada, but since its EV successor will move upmarket, we shouldn’t rule out a possible return.

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