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Does GMC Need A Sporty Denali Crossover Like This In Its Range?

If General Motors were to build a sporty Denali crossover for the year 2030, this is how it could look.

This eye-catching concept was created by GM exterior designer Zac Parkinson and is a very futuristic twist on the Denali nameplate. It is so futuristic that it shares essentially nothing in common with current Denali-badged pickups and SUVs from GMC. That’s no bad thing, however.

Immediately making the front end of the truck stand out is a bold faux grille with an intricate pattern. Wrapping around either side of the grille are sharp LED headlights. The front of the Denali also has a large GMC badge and a striking bumper.

Elsewhere, Parkinson has designed the crossover with squared-off front wheel arches and a shapely hood with dramatic creases and curves. Given that this is a concept and doesn’t need to be practical, there is a very low-slung roof with a narrow windshield and rear-facing cameras in the place of traditional wing mirrors. While the Denali pictured hasn’t been rendered with doors, it would probably look best as a two-door crossover-coupe.

Of course, it is very unlikely there will ever be a Denali model that even faintly resembles this but if such a vehicle did become a reality, you certainly wouldn’t hear any complaints from us.


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