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Cupra To Unveil “A New Emotional Experience” On February 22

On February 22, Cupra will be celebrating its fourth anniversary as an independent brand, taking this opportunity to announce its new plan for the year ahead called “Cupra X 2” which sounds like a new kind of driving experience in the digital world.

The Martorell-based brand issued a cryptic announcement talking about an “unconventional challenger” planning on taking Cupra “to the next level by entering a new world” hinting at a digital environment in line with the Metaverse. The “Cupra X 2” title is also conveniently fitting with the date of the reveal.

Cupra is already offering performance-focused vehicles capable of driving on and off the beaten track, so by “doubling the spaces where these experiences exist” they are probably referring to a virtual world. This could bring them closer to the gaming culture and the tech-hungry people of Generation Z which was also the focus of the UrbanRebel Concept development.

Another part of the announcement says Cupra will unveil “a new emotional experience that challenges the current racing formats” which could mean they will get involved with digital racing.

Social media consultant, and “Metaverse expert”, Cathy Hackl, will be joining Wayne Griffiths (Cupra CEO), and Antonio Labate (Cupra Director of Strategy Business Development & Operations) in the digital event. The presentation will be streamed on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter at 12:00 pm CET on Tuesday, February 22. On the same day last year, Cupra unveiled the Formentor VZ5.


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