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Compass Driver Does A Jeep Thing And Tumbles Over, You Wouldn’t Understand

Patience is a virtue, one that the driver of this Jeep Compass clearly didn’t possess, as they tried to get around an oncoming bus by driving up the side of a hill – with predictable results.

In a video posted online, the driver of a Jeep Compass is met with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, an oncoming vehicle on a road that might not be wide enough for them to pass each other. Rather than wait for the large bus to move over to the side to allow the 4×4 to go around it, or just making room for it to pass, the driver instead decided that it would be a fantastic time to do Jeep stuff, and pointed the Compass at the dirt hill.

“It’s a Jeep, it should be able to handle a small incline,” the driver must have thought as the vehicle was pitched onto the 45-degree angled hillside.

The driver should have known immediately that this was a stupid idea because the roof of the Jeep scraped the side of the bus almost immediately after it got alongside it. Inevitably, the SUV ended its offroading excursion by falling over onto the passenger side, surprising nobody but the occupants.

As the driver and her friends get out of the vehicle, they look extremely surprised at the events that just transpired, as if there was no way the accident could have been avoided. The vehicle isn’t destroyed and was likely pushed back onto its wheels to be driven back to its destination, but the incident was definitely a most unpleasant one.

Jeep makes fairly capable offroad vehicles and has been doing so for decades, but there are still limits to what they can do, and this person found them. When you own an offroad capable vehicle, there’s always an inkling to test out its capabilities, but perhaps it’s not necessary when there’s more pavement around than dirt.

We’ve all seen videos of the world’s most dangerous roads, where scenes like this one usually play out with an SUV with three wheels hanging off a cliff while trying to pass a tour bus. Luckily, the subject of this video was nowhere near any sort of drop, or it would have been a much sadder story.

If the driver had actually pulled off the maneuver, perhaps this would have been an article praising their skills. But they didn’t, so we won’t. Instead, we’ll just hope that eventually, people will learn not to do dumb stuff like this.

Photos courtesy Thar_Fortuner_Lover YouTube Channel


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