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Chinese Tuner Zacoe Transforms The Ferrari 488 GTB Into A Warhorse With Dynasty Warriors References

The Ferrari 488 GTB, introduced back in 2015, has been replaced by the F8 Tributo since 2019 but that didn’t stop Chinese tuner Zacoe from creating a new carbon-fiber bodykit for the mid-engined supercar limited to 5 units. Interestingly, the design takes inspiration from the warhorse and armor of a Chinese military general called Lü Bu who has been portrayed in a historical novel and a popular video game series.

All those references might sound confusing to the average petrolhead so let’s break them down. First of all, the tuning package for the 488 is named after the legendary warhorse “赤兔ChiTu” which appeared in the 14th-century novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The carbon-fiber bits are resembling the armor of the warhorse but their shape is also inspired by the gear of the Lü Bu character as depicted in the Dynasty Warriors 9 video game.

Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 4

The bespoke aero components include a pronounced front splitter, extensions for the side skirt and the rear diffuser, plus a fixed rear spoiler shaped after the one on the 488 GT3 EVO. The Chinese tuner claims that the extra bits contribute to better aerodynamics and heat dissipation and reduce turbulence. Finally, there is a new valvetronic catback exhaust system by Fi Exhaust with dual carbon fiber tips providing a richer sound on demand.

The bodykit is showcased in renderings, with the 488 GTB appearing significantly lowered with a set of oversized aftermarket wheels. Zacoe didn’t mention any chassis or performance upgrades so we guess that the twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 remains stock, producing 661 hp (493 kW / 670 PS) and 760 Nm (561 lb-ft) of torque.

Zacoe said that the project was created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ferrari in 2022, making us wonder why they didn’t choose a more recent model for their project. The tuner didn’t reveal pricing for the kit or the upgraded exhaust but we guess it won’t be cheap since it is limited to only five units. According to Zacoe, “ChiTu” owners are ranked above other “Prancing Horse” owners – perhaps due to the connection with that warhorse and the military general.


Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 1
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 6
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 5
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 3
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 10
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x Zacoe 4
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x FiExhaust 1
Ferrari 488 GTB ChiTu x FiExhaust 5


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