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Car Guy’s Funeral Procession Takes Him Down The 1/4 Mile One Last Time

The funeral of a beloved community member and car guy featured one final trip down the drag strip with his race car following him.

In a video posted to YouTube by Red Line Motorsports Media, the funeral procession of Leonard Wheatcraft Jr. enters the Ohio race track followed by a lineup of vintage Mopar muscle cars driven by his friends and family.

The hearse leads the procession to the blacktop, with Wheatcraft’s 1966 Plymouth Satellite on a trailer behind a pickup truck. Once the vehicle is staged, the lights turn green, and both Wheatcraft and his race car head down the 1/4 mile one final time.

The rest of the procession then proceed to run down the drag strip, paying tribute to Wheatcraft and the sport that he loved.

Leonard Wheatcraft Jr. was a mechanic by trade and enjoyed building engines. He owned and operated L&N automotive in Jamestown, Ohio, and had 30+ years of racing experience. Starting with street racing, Wheatcraft tried his hand at multiple motorsports disciplines such as dirt drags, quad racing, and Tug a Truck before finding his true passion in drag racing.

Kil-Kare Raceway in Ohio was the track he called home, and he would be seen there regularly, whether on the track or as a spectator.

Unfortunately, Wheatcraft lost his three-year battle with cancer in April, at the age of 52. He is survived by his wife Amy, his four children, and his four dogs.

The comment section of the video is filled with friends offering their tributes and sharing their favorite memories of him. Red Line Motorsports also posted a video with footage of Wheatcraft driving his Satellite at the drag strip over the years.


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