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Buick’s New Logo Appears To Have Leaked On A Real Vehicle

Photos of a steering wheel featuring a new Buick logo first previewed in recent trademark applications have now leaked online. The photos show an updated version of the brand’s three-shield design arranged in a straight line, instead of rising diagonally, as is traditional.

The trademark application was widely reported last week and the documents showed the new design, albeit in black and white. Now, though, it appears that Buick‘s red, white, and blue will live on.

The photos were shared by the Instagram account buick_saudi_ arabia and feature the steering wheel of an unknown vehicle. The righthand stalk behind the steering wheel appears to be a gear selector, though. That differs from most American models, whose gear selectors are buttons in the center console. It also features a large instrument cluster screen, further suggesting that this is one of a new generation of vehicles for the brand.

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Another set of pictures shared by the Instagram account shows the new uncircled logo on the front of a vehicle that appears to be a crossover. Again, the logo is colorful and sits about where the old logo would have.

A photo of the all-electric Electra concept, meanwhile, shows the three-shield logo in its most simplistic state. Not even black and white, the logo is completely monochromatic and is simplified down to just the shield shape.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know just how reliable these photos are because GM Authority reports that it is not related to General Motors officially. Given the trademark filing and the nature of the first picture, however, this is a convincing set of images.

Much controversy has been sparked by the new logo, reports Creative Bloq, with many online commenters debating the merits of the updated design. If these pictures are genuine, what do you think of the new logo now that it has been seen as it would appear in a production vehicle?

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