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Buick’s GL8 Century Is Shaping Up To Be A Luxurious Home Theater On Wheels

The Buick Terraza is thankfully a distant memory, but Americans might get a tinge of jealousy after gazing their eyes upon the upcoming GL8 Century.

Set to be introduced in China next month, the GL8 Century is billed as a flagship van that will usher in a “new era of luxurious MPV transportation.”

It’s hard to argue with that characterization as this appears to be one of the fanciest vans ever created. The cabin looks like a home away from home as it features an impressive entertainment system with a sizable screen that is flanked by Bose speakers.

Elsewhere, we can see ambient lighting, metallic accents, and perforated leather seats that are separated by a “foldable smart screen,” which presumably controls the entertainment system. The seats also appear to be powered and come equipped with cup holders that are integrated into their sofa-like armrests.

The upscale styling continues outside as the GL8 Century takes cues from last year’s GL8 Flagship concept. As a result, it boasts a modernized version of Buick’s design language that draws “inspiration from oriental esthetics and digital technology.”

While there isn’t much to see, the van features Cadillac-esque lighting units and a massive grille. They’re joined by a two-tone paint job, “BUICK” lettering, and a small recess or intake beneath the hood.

We’ll learn more next month, but the model has a 123.2 inch (3,130 mm) wheelbase and that’s 1.7 inches (42 mm) longer than the GL8 ES. The GL8 Century is also 4 inches (102 mm) wider and these increased dimensions give the van a “spacious interior” that will appeal to a “new generation of social and business elites.”

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