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BMW, Mercedes, VW, Renault, Opel, Ford Being Investigated Over Antitrust Breaches

A number of car manufacturers in Europe have had their facilities raided by anti-competition regulators due to suspicions they may have broken antitrust regulations.

The European Commission is managing the investigation alongside the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority and said it is related to how end-of-life vehicles are disposed of.

“The inspections and requests for information concern possible collusion in relation to the collection, treatment and recovery of end-of-life cars and vans which are considered waste,” the European Commission stated.

Auto News reports that roughly 12 million cars are taken off European roads every year. Car manufacturers are held responsible for what happens to their end-of-life vehicles and regulations require roughly 85 per cent of a car’s weight to be recycled or reused.

“Unannounced inspections and requests for information are a preliminary investigatory step into suspected anticompetitive practices,” the European Commission stated. “The fact that the Commission carries out such inspections and sends out formal requests for information does not mean that the companies are guilty of anti-competitive behavior nor does it prejudge the outcome of the investigation itself.”


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