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BMW Driver Gets A Rude Awakening While Speeding Through Traffic

If you’re a driver with an insatiable need for speed, you should invest in taking your car on a track day where you can explore its potential without having to worry about breaking the speed limit. What you shouldn’t do is drive like an absolute maniac like the owner of this BMW did.

This clip was recently shared to Reddit and shows a BMW weaving through traffic at high speed before getting involved in a pretty serious crash.

It is unclear when or where this video was filmed, nor exactly what BMW model he is driving, although it does appear to be an E46 M3 with the SMG transmission. Whatever the case may be, the driver obviously thought that instead of dealing with the traffic, he could speed around other road users without a worry in the world.

In the first few seconds, the driver can be seen kicking out the rear of the car while exiting a roundabout. After getting stuck behind some slow-moving cars, he pulls off onto a highway and pins the throttle. He then starts to swerve between traffic but after just a few seconds, things unravel.

While approaching a vehicle in the right lane, the driver aggressively steers to the left but this sudden movement upsets the balance of the car. The rear kicks loose and unable to correct the slide, the driver slams into the crash barrier on the right side of the road. The BMW then bounces into the barrier on the left, narrowly avoiding another vehicle in the process.

It doesn’t appear as though the driver was injured nor did he hit any other motorists.


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