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Audi New Urbansphere Concept Looks Like A Minivan But We’ll Find Out For Sure On April 19

Audi will round out its trio of forward-looking concept cars with the “urbansphere,” a vehicle designed to preview the future of urban travel.

The concept car will be revealed on April 19, 2022, and this teaser indicates that it will have suicide doors and at least two rows of seats. The lighting design is familiar suggesting that this will be a particular fancy vehicle, while the outline of the concept appears to be focused more on interior comfort than on exterior design.

When Audi first teased the urbansphere last summer, it said that the concept car would be a “private space in urban environments” that’s “digital, social, involving, and perfectly centered around you.” A teaser image from back then suggests that it could have a body that combines minivan and crossover features, but we’ll see if that applies when Audi puts the spotlight on it.

It joins the Audi grandsphere and skysphere, two svelte, classically proportioned concepts that look a bit like something a futuristic Cruella DeVil would drive. Like those concepts, we expect this model to have an all-electric drivetrain and to preview the autonomous technology that the brand is working on.

The concept was originally supposed to be unveiled at the 2022 Beijing Motor Show but Audi was forced to move the unveiling online after the show was canceled because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 Audi urbansphere concept 1
2021 Audi skysphere concept
2022 Audi urbansphere concept 3
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