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Audi Investing $320 Million To Increase Electric Motor Production In Hungary

Audi is set to invest €301 million ($320 million) to increase the production of electric motors at its factory in Győr, Hungary.

The investment was confirmed by the minister of foreign affairs and trade in Hungary, Péter Szijjártó. While some specifics about the plan remain uncertain, Szijjártó confirmed that Audi will receive a €21 million ($22 million) government grant to aid in the expansion of the factory which will add some 500 jobs.

The electric motors to be built at the factory will be for all MEB-based models across the Volkswagen Group. Manufacturing is expected to commence in 2025.


Audi has been building electric motors in Hungary since 2018 and is an important production market for the German automaker. In fact, it produced 171,000 vehicles in Hungary last year and employs some 13,000 locals. It has contributed to Hungary becoming the 20th largest car exporter in the world, Daily News Hungary reports.

Interestingly, the Volkswagen Group has already mapped out its future beyond the MEB architecture that underpins most of its electric vehicles.

In mid-2021, the conglomerate revealed that it will phase out all of its internal combustion platforms over the course of the coming decade and eventually consolidate its two existing EV platforms, the MEB and PPE architectures, into a single platform dubbed the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP). This architecture will eventually form the basis of every Volkswagen Group vehicle and will be offered to other automakers. The first vehicle to use this platform will be the successor to the current Audi A8.



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