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Alpha Motors REX Looks Fantastically Unreal (Because It Is)

Alpha Motor Corporation has previewed yet another computer generated vision of a retro-futuristic EV it wants to bring to market, this time dubbed the REX and positioned as off-road focused SUV

Since late 2020, the electric car startup has showcased a bevy of slick-looking digital creations such as the Ace Coupe, Jax Coupe, Wolf pickup, Wolf+, SuperWolf, Saga Sedan, Saga Estate and now the REX, but beyond a single, full-size mock-up of the Wolf that you can see at Los Angeles’ Petersen Museum, nothing in terms of actual production vehicles, something that has raised plenty of questions with few answers to date.

We reached out to Alpha Motors and asked whether the REX is a vehicle they plan to produce or just a design exercise with the company telling us that it was created to engineer it in digital format with the data to be used in vehicle production.

Take that as you will, but getting back to Alpha’s rendered proposal, the company says it designed the REX to be fitted with an 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which will give it (a theoretical) 275 miles (442 km) of range. It will also “be equipped with a four-wheel-drive system,” which presumably means it will feature two electric motors, one powering the rear wheels and one powering the front wheels.

The REX measures 4,828 mm (190-inches) in length, is 1,990 mm (78-inches) wide, and 1,720 mm (68-inches) tall and while it appears to exist entirely in the virtual world, it will apparently have body panels made from high-strength steel and lightweight thermoplastics.


Found at the front of the vehicle is a black bull bar, a prominent skid plate, large driving lamps, and main headlights behind steel grilles. The off-roader also has aggressively flared front and rear wheel arches and has been rendered with black wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich mud-terrain tires. As rugged SUVs go, the REX certainly makes a bold visual statement, thanks in part to the ‘Abbot Kinney’ blue paint created in collaboration with Los Angeles fashion brand Free & Easy.


“Alpha is focused on building the electric vehicle future that we want to live in,” the car company said in a statement. “The collaboration with Free & Easy accentuates the vibrant, creative, and diverse culture of California, which inspires adventure-seeking cars such as the JAX, WOLF, and now the REX. Through these vehicles, we are answering the ultimate question, ‘What electric vehicle do you want to drive?’ Our answer is to drive responsible industrialization of our vision for people to enjoy our cars, also known as, ‘Move Humanity.’”

The cabin of the Alpha REX supports bench configuration seating with rear seats that can be folded down or removed entirely. Alpha has also designed the REX to feature a digital speedometer, an infotainment display, climate and audio controls with haptic feedback, two cupholders, and a “digital sound system.”



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