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Alfa Romeo To Return To Large Segments With BMW X5 SUV And 7-Series Rivals, Says Boss

Alfa Romeo will be rolling out two new SUVs and one sedan to slot above the Giulia and Stelvio, as hinted by its new CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato. The models, expected to launch in 2027, will target the BMW X5, X6, and 7-Series, signaling Alfa Romeo’s return to the large segment as a premium automaker.

Speaking to AutoWeek, Imparato revealed his intentions to offer new models. “I haven’t told anyone before, but since we want to be the global premium brand of Stellantis and because everyone in the world knows our brand, I want to bring a high-end SUV to the market,” said Alfa’s boss. “How exactly are we going to shape that is another question, but above a D-segment (mid-size) model, there will also be an E-segment car (large) with very high performance.”

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alfa romeo to return to large segments with bmw x5 suv and 7 series rivals says boss 484f733The Giulia and Stelvio will not be the largest models in the Alfa Romeo lineup starting from 2027.

Alfa Romeo is one of the three premium brands of Stellantis alongside Maserati, and to a lesser extent, DS Automobiles. Therefore, it is logical for the Italian automaker to benchmark rivals like Mercedes-Benz and BMW that are offering a considerably wider range of products. Imparato confirmed that by saying: “We are going for the most profitable segment, targeting models such as BMW’s X5, X6, and the 7 Series“.

In theory, a regular mid-size SUV alongside a sexier coupe-SUV variant and a flagship sedan could broaden the appeal of Alfa Romeo to a wider target group. Then again, that’s what Alfa claimed would happen with the current Stelvio and Giulia, neither of which really took off in terms of sales.

Likewise, the new models would have to compete with the well-established German rivals something that has proved to extremely difficult. Interestingly, Alfa’s boss chose the BMW 7-Series as a target model instead of a BMW 5-Series that would make more sense as a successor to the long-discontinued Alfa Romeo 166 (1996-2007) and its predecessors. This might have to do with the profit margins that are even higher in larger segments where people are still buying sedans.

alfa romeo to return to large segments with bmw x5 suv and 7 series rivals says boss e930f3fThe Alfa Romeo 166 depicted in its last facelifted form before it was discontinued in 2007 without a successor.

This is not the first time we hear promises for larger Alfa Romeo models, with earlier plans for sedans and SUVs based on the Giorgio architecture being scrapped. Today, Alfa Romeo covers the D-Segment with the Giulia / Stelvio positioned against the BMW 3-Series / X3. It is also getting ready to enter the luxury sub-compact segment with the brand-new Tonale, while an even smaller fully electric crossover has already been confirmed for the near future.

Starting from 2027, the Italian brand will launch only fully electric models which means that the newcomers will be exclusively offered in EV form. All signs are leading to the EV-dedicated STLA Medium or STLA Large architectures that were announced last year as part of Stelantis’ electrification strategy.

alfa romeo to return to large segments with bmw x5 suv and 7 series rivals says boss 52b5e5eIf everything goes according to plan, Alfa Romeo will have a five-member SUV range by 2027.

The STLA Medium is designed for premium vehicles measuring between 4,200-5,000 mm (165.4-196.9 inches) long. The 87-104 kWh batteries will allow a range of up to 700 km (440 miles), while the electric motors will produce up to 443 hp (330 kW / 449 PS). Those underpinnings would be ideal for two fully electric SUVs focused on combining attractive styling with great performance and luxury features.

The STLA Large is destined to underpin the group’s AWD performance vehicles measuring between 4,800-5,500 mm (189-216.5 inches) long. Naturally, it takes specs to the next level, with larger 101-118 kWh battery packs allowing up to 800 km (500 miles) of range, and a maximum power output of up to 885 hp (660 kW / 897 PS) from a dual-motor setup. Those figures make a great base for the rumored Alfa Romeo flagship, worthy of competing against the BMW i7 and the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

alfa romeo to return to large segments with bmw x5 suv and 7 series rivals says boss f52d14f


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