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2024 Porsche 911 Facelift Spied With Minor Design Tweaks

After spotting a camouflaged Porsche 911 Turbo prototype last December, our spy photographers caught a regular 911 during winter testing, hinting at an upcoming facelift for the current 992 generation.

While the 992 still looks fresh in our eyes, it was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2018. This means it will be four years old this autumn, meaning the time is right for the arrival of the 992.2 model. For comparison, the previous 991 generation was introduced in 2011 and received a facelift in 2015.

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The prototype was camouflaged and came with additional lighting units for driving in the snow, but we can see some changes compared to the current production model. The front bumper appears to be redesigned with larger intakes featuring complex slits (likely active).

The lower part of the rear bumper is also camouflaged, hiding a revised diffuser with additional side vents and central-mounted dual exhaust pipes. We can also see tweaked vents on the engine cover behind the active rear spoiler.

While we don’t have photos of the interior, a zoomed-in shot from the side windows shows a new fully digital dashboard that has been also spied on the 911 Safari prototypes.

2024 porsche 911 facelift spied with minor design tweaks a7a5ef3

Most engine options from the current 911 range are expected to be carried over in the facelift, but there is the possibility of an electrified option being added to the range. After all, Porsche has all but confirmed the first hybrid 9111 since the current architecture was developed with electrification in mind. Mind you, a hybrid 911 Turbo prototype was spied testing at the Nürburgring last year.

Porsche is expected to launch the 992.2 is expected in 2023. The facelifted model could coincide with the debut of the 911 “Safari” which has been in development for quite a while now, featuring a jacked-up suspension and a different bodykit.

Photo Credit: CarPix


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