2023 Lamborghini Urus S Has Performante’s 657 HP V8 But Prioritizes Luxury Over Handling

The Lamborghini Urus is dead. Long love the Lamborghini Urus S, which takes its place and borrows an improved version of Lambo’s twin-turbo V8 previously seen in the Urus Performante that set a record at Pikes Peak earlier this year.

Where the original Urus made 641 hp (650 PS) and required 3.6 seconds to accelerate from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h), the new one produces 657 hp (666 PS) and gets to 62 mph one tenth quicker. But the Performante is quicker again, needing only 3.3 seconds, and edges slightly ahead in the top speed stakes. The S’s 305 km/h maximum is no better than the old Urus could manage, and fractionally short of the Performante’s 306 km/h figure. But since those numbers convert to 189.5 mph and 190 mph, it’s not exactly a big deal.

The weight difference between the 4,844 lbs (2,197 kg) Urus S and 4,740 lbs (2,150 kg) Performante is more pronounced and helps explain the difference in acceleration numbers, but where the two really do separate is on price. U.S. prices haven’t been announced but the Urus S costs €195,538 ($188,000) before taxes in Italy, making it substantially cheaper than the €218,487 ($210,358) Performante.

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Although the pair share the same powertrain, the Performante is pitched as the more extreme driver’s car, while the S is left to focus a little more on luxury and sophistication. Helping set the new S part from the old Urus are various design tweaks including a new front bumper that features a matte black-painted stainless steel skidplate as standard. The rear bumper is also new and also comes with a matte black lower section through which poke exhaust tailpipes that are brushed steel by default, but can be optioned as matte, shiny black or bright chrome.

Other options include a carbon hood, carbon roof, and 22-inch and 23-inch wheel upgrades for buyers who feel the standard 21-inch rims don’t adequately fill the boxy arches. The inside hasn’t escape the upgrade treatment either. Though the basic dash structure and control layout is unchanged, there are multiple new trim and color choices including Bi-color Sportivo for those looking to keep things low-key, and a Bi-color Sophisticated trim with bolder contrast color options and stitching seen on the Performante.



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