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1,012 HP Hennessey Ram TRX Gets Speed Limited To 55 MPH In Finland For Tax Purposes

Finnish collectors looking for a bit of American muscle may be excited to find out that there is currently a Ram TRX Hennessey Mammoth 1000 for sale on local classified website, NattiAuto. They may be less excited to see its top speed, though.

Although the top speed of the Ram TRX modified to make 1,012 hp (755 kW/1,026 PS) and 969 lb-ft (1,313 Nm) of torque by Hennessey has not officially been revealed, one would expect to be a fairly large number. However, this ad has the top speed listed as 93 km/h (57.7 mph).

That’s not a typo; it’s actually a loophole designed to sneak the truck into Finland. As The Drive reports, the Ram TRX produces 506 g/km of CO2 emissions, which would make the truck subject to a 44.8 percent import tax in the nation. On a truck that is listed at €249,900 ($275,077 USD at current exchange rates), that would add another €111,955 ($123,234 USD) to the price of the vehicle.

That’s only if the truck is registered as a passenger vehicle, though. Since it weighs in at 3,539 kg (7,802 lbs), it just qualifies as an N2 commercial vehicle, which will allow the eventual buyer to register it without paying such a huge import tax.

Since Finland is a member of the EU, its vehicles are subject to a particular directive that requires all N2 class vehicles on the road to have a device that limits their top speed to 90 km/h (55 mph), just a little less than the ad quotes.

Maybe there’s some more legal wiggle room between the official rules and what the rich person who buys this truck will actually be allowed to do, but it’s still hilarious that a super truck that costs more than a quarter of a million dollars and pumps out quadruple-digit power figures has a lower top speed than a late model Citroen 2CV.


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